Numismatics & Stamps

Page updated 19/2/2023

Lir Coins & Collectables

Market Arcade, South Great Georges Street, Dublin.2.

Eclectic mix of coins, medals, badges and militaria.

The Market is open 7-days see details here:  Georges-Street-Arcade

Information about Irish coins for numismatists, collectors, archaeologists and others who have an interest in the currency in use in Ireland from earliest times to the present day.

Website of US based coin dealer Del Parker.

An on-line museum of the paper money of Ireland, and the oldest web site on Irish notes, being live on the web since 2000. It has hundreds of pictures of old banknotes from around 1800 to 2001, including all recorded dates of Lavery and Ploughman notes. There is also a forum attached to the web site where there is up to date information about Irish note collecting, including reviews of upcoming auctions with Irish notes in them.

Discussion forum here:

The Irish Philatelic Circle

The Circle seeks to further the study of the Stamps, Philately and Postal History of Ireland.

The Irish National Stamp Exhibition

Éire Philatelic Association

US based organisation.

The Old Currency Exchange

The Old Currency Exchange strives to be Ireland’s most helpful coin and banknote dealer, with a website that informs, educates and entertains. Our approach is to hold a diverse inventory that will be of interest to beginners, intermediate and advanced collectors.

We also:
Buy old Irish coinage and banknotes
Value and buy leftover holiday currency
Advise people on how best to sell their collections, attic finds and inheritances.


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