Page updated 21/4/2018

Quad Royal

British post war posters and graphics.

Scotty poster

A superb site run by collectors for collectors. Stacked full of pictures, informed commentary and reader feedback, auction reviews, prices etc. It’s a big site and there’s an awful lot to dip into.

Irish Film Poster.Com

If you’re a fan of Irish Movies look no further than this excellent website owned by Paul Balbirnie. Rather than try and rehash Paul’s introduction to his website I’ll let his own words speak for themselves……

This website represents my personal collection of Irish film memorabilia. This website displays picture images & trailers of Irish films. These images originate from all over the world. The size, description and country of origin for the images are displayed on the web pages. I currently have over 2100 images & various trailers posted to this site. My collection also includes 35mm prints and over 100 35mm trailers for Irish films. 16mm and 8mm film prints, videos, DVD’s, CD’s and vinyl soundtracks, paper and digital press kits, scripts and various promotional items. Please contact me if there is something you are looking for. Paul Balbirnie. email:




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