Adams sale of Art from The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation exceeds expectations!

Well, the results are in from Adams’ auction of Art from The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation and while the sale raised more than anticipated – €281,000 against the pre-sale estimate of €150,000-200,000 – it says more about the ability of James Adams’ marketing department than the shrewdness of purchases by Anglo Irish Bank. I wonder how much was spent on their original acquisition?

Pauline Bewick’s six wonderful paintings exceeded their pre-sale estimates and contributed some €44k or about 15% of the total proceeds of the sale. Inexplicably, rubbish by Felim Egan and Sean Scully continues to find buyers but surely it can only be as an investment? Just like property, the chickens will come home to roost one day. I mean would you really hang this on your wall?

Felim Egan

134 lots were offered for sale and only 9 remained unsold. The most expensive item was a painting by artist Stephen McKenna which was sold for €17,000.

The full results may be viewed here: Catalogue icon



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