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People’s Art on St.Stephen’s Green in Dublin

People’s Art on the Green – YouTube video by Pervaneh Matthews.

The next scheduled People’s Art on the Green takes place from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th July, 2014

Further information here: http://www.peoplesart.ie


Quality Irish Art at Ross’s (Belfast) Auction on Wednesday 26th March, 2014


Quality and value abound amongst the 231 Lots on offer in Ross’s Quarterly Irish Art Sale on Wednesday 26th March next.

All the usual suspects are here including the overrated Markey Robinson, the awful Graham Knuttel, the talented but repetitive Gregory Moore, Samuel McLarnon, Ken Hamilton and Dennis Orme Shaw but, for me, it’s the works by Maurice Canning Wilks and William Percy French that stand-out from the rest. Both artists are still just about within the budget of the ordinary art collector!


If there’s one criticism that I have of many of William Percy French’s paintings, it is that they are too damn small – I like a bigger bang for my buck and that is where the likes of Maurice Canning Wilks, Dennis Orme Shaw etc. win out. Big walls need big paintings but it’s hard not to be seduced by the beauty and simplicity of French’s watercolours. There are two included in this sale with low four figure estimates.

W P French


Monday 24th March from 10:00am – 8:00pm

Tuesday 25th March from 10:00am – 8:00am

Day of sale from 10:00am – 5:00pm

Dennis Orme Shaw

John Ross & Company  (MIAVI),

37 Montgomery Street, Belfast, Co.Antrim, BT1 4NX

Tel: (028) 9032 5448  Fax. (028) 9033 3642

Searchable catalogue here: Catalogue icon

Enquiries about this sale:  

(028) 9032 5448 or email: dclarke@rosss.com

* (048) prefix from the Republic.

Strong Results for Quality Irish Art at Whyte’s November 25th RDS Sale

‘It was a night for the master artists of Irish art at our auction on Monday with top results for Paul Henry, John Lavery, Walter Osborne, Mainie Jellett and Daniel O’Neill’. – Whytes Press Release.

Once again proof that if the quality is there the price will be right and more signs that the price for Irish Art is on the increase again. The top price was paid for a superb work by Paul Henry (see below) and another painting by Daniel O’Neill – ‘Two Women by the Sea’ – considerably exceeded expectations. A selection of watercolours from William Percy French also drew strong bidding and his work is now approaching the outer limit for the more modest collector – this one anyway!

Lot 14 Paul Henry

Two Women by the Sea

 Full results/unsold lots etc. click here: Catalogue icon

Adams sale of Art from The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation exceeds expectations!

Well, the results are in from Adams’ auction of Art from The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation and while the sale raised more than anticipated – €281,000 against the pre-sale estimate of €150,000-200,000 – it says more about the ability of James Adams’ marketing department than the shrewdness of purchases by Anglo Irish Bank. I wonder how much was spent on their original acquisition?

Pauline Bewick’s six wonderful paintings exceeded their pre-sale estimates and contributed some €44k or about 15% of the total proceeds of the sale. Inexplicably, rubbish by Felim Egan and Sean Scully continues to find buyers but surely it can only be as an investment? Just like property, the chickens will come home to roost one day. I mean would you really hang this on your wall?

Felim Egan

134 lots were offered for sale and only 9 remained unsold. The most expensive item was a painting by artist Stephen McKenna which was sold for €17,000.

The full results may be viewed here: Catalogue icon


Strong results at Whyte’s Sale of Important Irish Art

Some interesting stats provided by Whyte’s show that their sale at the RDS on the 27th May, 2013, grossed €450,000 with 73% of the lots on offer sold. Sold above estimate 24% and within estimate 51%. The growing importance of Internet bidders is shown by the fact that they accounted for 25% of bids and bought 20% of the lots sold. Bidders were from Ireland , UK , France , Netherlands , Switzerland , UAE , USA , Canada , Hong Kong and Australia .

The top price was paid for Lot.69. a pair of 19th century equestrian paintings by the artist William Brocas (c.1794-1868) which reached the lower end of their estimate and were knocked down to a London buyer for €29,000.

Lot.38. “Bringing in the Turf” by William Conor achieved the second highest price going to an American buyer for €21,000.

The third highest price was paid by another London collector for Lot.45. an early Paul Henry (pic below) for €13,000 – (pre sale estimate €8,000-10,000). Surely a very shrewd investment!

Lot.45. "Connemara Landscape c.1910/11 by Paul Henry (1876-1958) sold for €13,000

Lot.45. “Connemara Landscape c.1910/11 by Paul Henry (1876-1958) sold for €13,000

The sale catalogue with prices realised is available here: Catalogue icon

Ross’s (Belfast) Online Irish Art Sale

John Ross & Company  (MIAVI),

37 Montgomery Street, Belfast, Co.Antrim, BT1 4NX

Tel: (028) 9032 5448  Fax. (028) 9033 3642 – (048) from the Republic.

Email: info@ross.ie


Starts: 18th January 2012 at 10:00am

Ends: 25th January 2012 at 7:00pm

(Bidding on lots will end at one min intervals from this time)

Lot.138 "Pheasants in Snow" by R.W.Milliken. Est. £900 - £1,200

Sale Duration: 7 days

325 lots of Irish Art, offered at highly competitive estimates.  “Pheasants in Snow” is at the higher end of the price range, with many Lots carrying estimates in the low hundreds – and less!

View here: http://www.rosss.com/auction.asp?AucID=75

Good taste triumphs at Whyte’s Irish Art Sale!

Whyte’s Irish Art Sale on the 28th November saw Paul Henry’s ‘Altan Lough, Donegal’ eclipse the Jack B Yeats ‘The Street in Shadow’ for the top price realised – €75,000 and €72,000 respectively. The Paul Henry handsomely exceeded its pre-sale estimate of €40,000 – €50,000. The sale was a great success for Whyte’s, grossing in excess of €800,000 in total.

An interesting video clip of the sale highlights is available on  http://myantiques.tv/ in the meantime here is the star of the sale – Altan Lough by Paul Henry – enjoy, as Ian Whyte said, “you won’t be seeing it again for sometime”!

Yeats work exceeds expectations at Whyte’s Irish Art Sale

Whyte’s sale of Irish Art on Monday last (10th October) grossed over €700,000 and has been deemed by the company as a very successful sale. The top price was €110,000 for Lot .32. ‘ Rescue Men’ by Jack B Yeats – against a pre-sale estimate of €60 – €80,000. Proof, yet again, that there’s no accounting for taste but perhaps it was purchased as an investment.

Other notable results were €60,000 for Lot.41.  ‘Connemara Landscape‘ by Paul Henry and a total of over €20,000 for Michael Hanrahan’s Royal Visit to Ireland series. The Percy French work, featured further down this page, failed to sell and maybe available for sale by private treaty through Whytes.

Full price realisation list here: http://www.whytes.com/AuctionPDFs/20111010pr.pdf

The next Irish Art Sale at Whytes is on the 28th November, 2011