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Christmas Fair season in full swing!

Just one of the many Christmas Fairs we have listed here: CHRISTMAS MARKETS


A Happy & Peaceful Christmas to Everyone!


Another year nearly ticked off and what an annus horribilis it’s been – I’ll be glad to escape into 2017! On the positive side, interest in “Collect Ireland” has continued to grow and I even managed to find time to add the new “Art For Art’s Sake” site during the year. I would like to thank all those of you who have kept me updated about events during the year and the small group of ‘premium‘ subscribers who are helping to keep the show on the road. Early in the New Year the site will pass 2 million hits and then some serious decisions will have to be taken about the future. So that’s it, take care and have a very Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year.


Happy Christmas Everybody!


Somewhat belated Christmas wishes. It’s 1.40pm on Christmas Eve and I’ve still one critical present to buy but everything else is done and dusted – including the last minute purchase of a tree! Just time for this note before one more desperate race to the shops!

Once again, I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the blog during the year and appeal to you all to let me have your comments, suggestions for improvements etc. This can be done either by posting on the blog or by contacting me directly at collectireland@gmail.com . I would also like to remind readers that signing up to this blog is FREE and you won’t be spammed with junk emails – in fact you only receive emails when new items are posted on this Home page. The auction/fair/car boot listings are usually updated daily and are the most complete and up-to-date to be found online – a single source with clickable links where available.

Wishing everybody a Happy & Peaceful Christmas.