An urgent appeal to all Collect Ireland users!

3 responses

  1. David you provide a great service, so I hope your request will be granted. Keep up the good work. Regards Helem

  2. I do not know anything about Adblockers or how to disable them. Maybe you
    would give more info for me & others.
    Also I do not appreciate ads for gambling sites being used on Collect Ireland.
    Is that really necessary? Could you find more appropriate ads to fund your site. JM

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    1. Hi Janet,

      Thanks for your comment and you’re obviously not using Adblocker if you can see the Ads. I have very little control over what Ads appear on the site and cannot monitor them all. The bulk of the ones that I have seen tend to be harmless and many related to collecting, hotels, health etc. I haven’t noticed any for gambling sites but will keep an eye out. It’s the world we live in and I need the revenue to keep the site going. That said, I have some limited control and have minimised the number and location of the Ads so that they are fairly unobtrusive. It’s the best that I can do unless I put the site behind a paywall and that’s not going to work.


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