The Barbarians are Inside the Gates!


If you’ve ever been to the Isle of Man, or are a transport preservationist of any kind please consider signing this petition asking that Douglas Corporation and the Isle of Man Government reconsider their hasty decision to close-down the unique Douglas Horse Tramway with immediate effect.

In many ways the Isle of Man is run in the same Mickey Mouse fashion as our own country – i.e. by an elite, out of touch clique who blunder from one crisis to the next while always managing to look after themselves and their pals in the process. The island’s tourist industry has been dying a death through neglect for decades and the people who want to kill off the tramway are cut from the same cloth as the charlatans who have the abolition of the Isle of Man TT in their sights. A tax haven purged of the pesky visitors who lower the tone of the place is their long-term goal. Apartment blocks for those involved in the financial laundry sector have all but obliterated most of the hotels on Douglas Promenade so it’s little wonder that traffic on the tramway has been in decline.

Please sign the petition!



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