Whyte’s Important Irish Auction – RDS Dublin – Monday 30th November, 2015

whytes 4 homepage 2

Anyway, enough of my opinions – each to his/her own – and if you’re an Art Lover, of whatever description, you could do worse than check out the various catalogue links here: WHYTES IMPORTANT IRISH ART SALE


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  1. Hi David, thats what I call a no holds barred review. To be honest I find it very refreshing to hear your opinions. I agree that there is some fantastic work out there by world class Irish artists but equally I agree there is some awful rubbish trotted out as important Irish Art.
    In Ian Whytes defence I would say , lets not shoot the messenger. I think Ian has his finger firmly on the pulse of what is the Irish Art market and mearly represents the power of the Art buying public.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Absolutely agree – Ian Whyte can only sell what’s in front of him and no criticism of him was intended. Sadly, art is all about money these days and talent counts for very little – Michael Flatley’s recent contributions being a case in point. I don’t think that the clock can be turned back, but I’ll continue to use the site as a platform until somebody provides me with a better one. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  3. My gawd, what’s this…an honest assessment of Irish art by an auctioneer? This points towards a brave new-world. I’m delighted. As a putatively qualified (miserable BA(Hons) in Art History conjoined with a lifetime’s passion for fine art I have despaired at any sanity being restored to the very meaning of ‘Art’…maybe we are on our way back from the abyss. Thank you!

    1. Afraid not, they are just my personal opinions and not those of the auctioneer! I’ll be having a swipe at Adams forthcoming sale too if I get the time – watch this space.


      1. David, where/who ever you are we should met for a convivial pint sometime. Alas it won’t be after an auction as I dare not attend them any longer. My right hand has not yet learned to not jerk aloft when I spot a picture I like…it forgets my pocket is now empty.

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