Time for a change!


I’ve grown very tired of the old blog theme, as I’m sure have many readers, so as the site approaches half a million hits I’m going for a major revamp. There will be all sorts of glitches (strange fonts, lines etc.) for the next week or so but all the information will still be kept up to date. Please bear with me while I struggle with the technology and do let me know what you think of the new look.

David Parks


15 responses

  1. I appreciate all your work & check in every week. Thank you. hilary

  2. Deirdre (phil) Keohan | Reply


    I think you are outstanding the work you put into the site.


  3. Thanks David for all the work you’ve put in over the years.

  4. Thanks David. You do a great job! Bridget.

  5. best of luck david,
    looking forward to revamped site dan

    1. Thanks Dan – It’s starting to shape up this morning.

  6. Hi David, Best wishes for the task ahead of you. Thank you for a really great facility; one that I recommend to all Car Booters / Marketeers I meet. I’m always surprised at the number of people who have never thought to Google on Car Boot Sales, etc. Ron

  7. Hi David. Can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you freely give to your cracking site. I’m sure the re-vamp will be well worth waiting for. Thanks again.
    From all the team at Auctions NI Lurgan

  8. Hello David, Good luck with the revamp i am sure it will be the talk of the net. I really appreciate the effort you make to inform people about the Antique Fairs and all other related events. Thank you in advance for our advert for Lissanoure Castle Antique Fair currently posted and glad I changed the corporate colours and flyers to fit in with what will no doubt be a lovely site. Kind regards Julie Moore (Castle Antique Fairs N.I.)

  9. kate connaire | Reply

    david, love the clarice cliffe makes me smile when i go onto your site.
    thanks for everything. kate

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