Happy Christmas Everyone!

Happy Christmas to all of you who subscribe to my blog as well as to those who just look in from time to time. Christmas Day is upon us at last – it looked for a while there that the country wouldn’t make it to the big day! Anyway, things can only get better in 2012 and I certainly hope to make many improvements to the blog and its usefulness to readers. I’m hoping to get on the road a lot more next year as my children have now reached the age where I can bring them with me. Amongst other things I hope to include a series of illustrated reports from Auctions, Fair, Shops & Car Boot Sales.

I’m very grateful to all of you who have kept me updated with your events and to those of you who regularly let me know of your experiences at boot sales etc. I only wish that I could include a discussion forum on the blog but, whether it’s possible or not, I simply wouldn’t have the time to administer it. I may include a moderated comments page for car booting which may be helpful to all concerned.

Anyway, it’s late now and I’m still decorating the tree, so I will close by wishing everybody A Very Happy Christmas & A Peaceful (and Prosperous) New year.



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