set to make a big splash in Ireland

An exciting new venture which should be of interest to collectors everywhere is  an Irish initiative. uses video clips, not reams of text like numerous other antiques websites, and features interviews with a range of experts in fields such as fine art, antiques, maps and rare books to provide a wonderful range of insights into these fascinating fields.

From their own blurb: 

An always-on TV station about antiques. With new programmes every day. Expert presenters, not actors. REAL news about what is happening in the Antiques business in the UK and world-wide.

A station which will allow you to reach out and ask questions, give answers and join groups of people with similar interests. With offices in London and Dublin, is the only special interest TV station for people who are truly, madly, passionately in love with antiques. We create and produce entirely original content every day. Our programmes are short, rarely more than four minutes, often less. We want to help you to spot bargains, market trends, share information (or not!) is owned and managed by, an online video production company.

Have a look at these YouTube videos and see for yourselves – a very worthwhile undertaking in my opinion.



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