Adams, Sale of Important Irish Art – Monday 6th December, 2010


St.Stephen’s Green, Dublin.2.

Tel: (01) 676 0261 Fax: (01) 662 4725


At: The Salerooms, 26 St.Stephen’s Green

On: Monday 6th December at 6pm

180 lots – a veritable who’s who of the Irish Art World including Jack B Yeats, Graham Knuttel, Tony O’Malley, John Luke, Louis le Brocquy, Maurice MacGonigal, Colin Middleton, Daniel O’Neill, Gerard Dillon, Nathaniel Hone, Sir John Lavery, Frank Egginton, Peter Curling, Paul Henry, Norah McGuinness, Mary Swanzy, Roderic O’Connor, Martin Mooney, Markey Robinson, Charles Lamb.

Once again it the ‘art’ of Jack B Yeats which dominates this sale between his admittedly pretty doodles from a sketchbook presented to his friend Ernie O’Malley, to another of his famous daubs – “Lingering Sun“. An extract from the catalogue reads as follows: Lingering Sun, O’Connell Street, This painting is an early example, of a highly significant work from Yeats ‘mature style. This resplendent picture featured in the prominent collection of one of this century’s most flamboyant admirers of Ireland and of Yeats, the film director John Huston.
The painting is set along the quays in the centre of Dublin. The city is bathed in a fading evening light, as dusk takes hold, the roof tops are silhouetted against the lustrous western sky. In the foreground, back turned, the flower seller gazes out to the viewer, a contemplative figure lounges on a parapet close by, while life winds down in the background, a book seller closes up for the day and a lighted tram passes over O’Connell bridge.

Here it is in all its glory – see what you make of it.

"Lingering Sun, O'Connell Bridge" by Jack B Yeats. Est.€150,000-200,000


Sat. 4th December 11.00am – 5.00pm;

Sun. 5th December 11.00am – 5.00pm

and day of sale 9.30am – 4.00pm

Catalogue online:


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