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“Bubbles” makes a monkey out of the Modern Art World!

Fans of the late Michael Jackson will no doubt remember his pet chimpanzee “Bubbles” but what many may not know is that he was left out of the pop star’s will. The once famous 34-year old primate now lives in The Centre for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida where he has taken to painting for a living.

The Artist at work.

Born in 1983 “Bubbles” costs about £13,000 a year to look after and his first sale of two paintings in 2013 brought in £2,000 for the Centre – see pics below.


According to the Centre ‘Art Therapy’ is one of the tools they use to help the many Hollywood primates who live there. “Bubbles loves to paint and draw so we give him a tray with about 5 non-toxic colours that won’t harm him if he eats it. Mostly Bubbles paints abstract compositions and has a lot of fun doing it.

“Bubbles” has lived at the Centre since 2005 and could reach the ripe old age of 60. Seemingly he’s been busy with his art and is taking part in the “Apes that Paint” exhibition at the Frames USA store in Miami which opened yesterday – 21st July, 2017.

The Centre for Great Apes looks like a charity well worth supporting, but can anybody tell me the difference between what “Bubbles” and his friends are turning out and much of what purports to be modern Irish ‘Art’ today?

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